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Colours: A glimpse at another life. Sex, Survival, Africa...


25 August 2010

Actress behind a windowSara from our campaigns team reviews Colours, which is showing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until August 30.
For an hour or so this week I was transported into someone else's life. Their hopes and dreams for their family, their heart breaks and struggles.
HIV/Aids, prostitution, single parenthood, the economic crisis in Zimbabwe. All in themselves difficult issues to tackle and get the audience laughing. Colours encompasses all this and more without direct mention of these challenges but with poignant regard for fears, hopes and struggles.
Marcella beautifully portrays a humorous and challenged woman who seeks to earn a living, create a future for her daughter and manage a disease that is having an increasing visible impact.
On a day-to-day basis I work on Oxfam's Health and Education For All campaign. This campaign seeks to address issues of free access to essential services such as health centres, medicines and education. Seeing these topics addressed through drama brings them back to life and is a reminder why the campaigning we do is about issues so personal for those who suffer the impact. Colours covers subjects at the heart of Oxfam's work and campaigns, recognised by winning the Oxfam Suzie Smith award for drama.
On leaving the play a Zimbabwean member of the audience informed people that the fictional work was all too close to the truth, bringing both a tear to the eye and a smile at the colourful Shona language used.
Colours continues to run until the end of the Edinburgh festival with additional showings announced for Monday 23rd and 30th August at 5.30pm. To find out more see