Colours- the play logo

"Winner of the OXFAM Suzie Smith Award 2009 /2010"

A play directed by Rory Kilalea, featuring Marcella Sant’Anna and produced by Murungu Productions.



This is a monologue by a coloured woman sitting in a Cemetery in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia…but it could be anywhere in Southern Africa.

A Coloured woman in Southern Africa is so-called because she is of mixed parentage -black and white.

This is the story of a woman and her memories….love’s highlights and losses. A story of survival in Southern Africa today. She does not have a name. She cannot. Nor should.

She is an African woman. Determined, forgiving. A survivor. This is a story which only represents a fraction of what real people are going through.

‘Colours’ is only one small part of an African voice.


COLOURS had a very positive response at the Edinburgh Festival, and the play, with short stories by Rory Kilalea, is available from ASHCROFT PUBLISHING.

COLOURS will be touring in 2011 throughout the UK and Europe.


As a stand alone evening we have three plays that deal with issues that are not only local, but universal. These plays have a low cast content, and are written by award winning author, Rory Kilalea.


The plays are:


COLOURS – 45 mins in length – single motherhood, women’s choices and HIV. A wry comedy with a poignant message.

ZIMBABWE BOY -  45 mins in length – Gay rent boy and middle class client. Abuse or a search for identity and love.  A two hander (male).

WHINE OF A DOG –  45 mins in length – set in Africa. Terrorists invade a white farm. Issues of violence, ownership and identity. A three hander.( two males, one female.

All plays come with a simple lighting plot and sound as a package.

This option allows two of the three to be performed in one sitting, with an interval.



This is explained in more detail in the attached- but it is a proactive attempt to use theatre and the arts to be relevant to the participants /audience.

Topics can range from:

The Burkha – symbol, fashion accessory or prison.

Teenage parents- too young to cope?

Sex- sleeping around or sex traffic?

To -

Smoking  Laws – when is freedom not freedom?

Job Centres- are they worth the time and effort?